Constructing Cognitive Profiles for Simulation-Based Hiring Assessments


Imbellus is an assessment company that builds immersive simulation-based assessments designed to evaluate cognitive processes. The work described here explores our partnership with McKinsey & Company, a best-in-class management-consulting firm, to build a simulation-based assessment that evaluates incoming applicants’ cognitive skills and abilities. Our simulationbased assessments are designed to produce a substantial amount of information about the incoming applicants, including metacognitive skills, decision-making processes, and situational awareness (to name a few of the constructs we measure). This paper will explore the rich telemetry data we collect and quantify, as well as the novel scoring and exploratory techniques we are conducting to gain insight into applicants’ cognitive profiles. We will present our initial findings and describe implications of our current work for the fields of artificial intelligence, educational data mining, and assessment.

Educational Data Mining